Conquering the Dark Souls 2 Ancient Dragon

Engaging in battle with the Ancient Dragon in Dark Souls 2, is a challenging encounter that most players never forget. Nestled high atop the Dragon Shrine, this mythical creature tests the mettle of even the most skilled players. With its intimidating size and lethal fire attacks, slaying this beast is a feat worthy of song and story.

Preparing for the Showdown

Preparing for the encounter with the Ancient Dragon is as crucial as the fight itself. This means leveling up your character, choosing the right equipment, and mastering your combat techniques. For killer moves, click here.

Engaging the Beast

Engaging the beast requires careful judgement and timing. The Ancient Dragon has a variety of deadly attacks, but staying close to its back legs and attacking from below can provide you a strategic advantage. Check out IGN’s guide for the full breakdown.

Watch the Sky

When the Ancient Dragon takes flight, be ready to dodge a torrent of fiery breath that engulfs a large portion of the arena. Gameskinny has an excellent guide on how to handle these moves.

The Moment of Triumph

Once you slay the beast, the sense of achievement you feel will be immense, and you’ll have an interesting story to share with fellow players. Take the time to visit the Dark Souls 2 subreddit to celebrate your victory.

Reflecting in the Aftermath

The death of the Ancient Dragon in Dark Souls 2 is a bittersweet moment, evocative of the game’s themes of loss and the cyclic nature of light and dark. It’s a moment worth considering in depth, made even more meaningful when shared with others on platforms like


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