A Game Review

If you’re into mythical creatures, fantasy worlds and intriguing puzzles, Dragon University┬┤s latest offering, Dragon Fin Soup, is a game you simply cannot miss. A unique blend of action, strategy, and magical lore makes this game a testament to the power of imagination and the truly immersive world of gaming.

Setting and Storyline

Dragon Fin Soup takes place in a fantasy world filled with enchanting forests, ominous dungeons, and perilous battlefields. This beautifully rendered world is a visual treat that pans out like the pages of a deeply engrossing graphic novel.

Characters and Gameplay

The game revolves around the adventures of Red Robin, a charming yet fierce heroine with a knack for getting herself into trouble. Guiding Red Robin through her quests, players navigate battles, solve mysteries, and forge alliances to shape the destiny of this fantastical world.


Dragon Fin Soup boasts an intricate combat system, plenty of craftable items, and an expansive world filled with diverse environments. Complementing these rich gameplay elements are an immersive storyline and a roster of intriguing characters each with their unique backstories.

Audio-Visual Presentation

The developers have delivered a memorable audio-visual experience with a vibrant art style and brilliant sound design that enhances the gaming environment. From the crunch of gravel under Red Robin’s boots to the haunting echo in the dungeons, every element works in harmony to build a truly immersive experience.

A Shared Adventure

The enjoyment of Dragon Fin Soup extends beyond a single-player mode with a co-op multiplayer option. This allows seasoned adventurers to share the journey with friends and newcomers to learn the ropes from more experienced players. Here’s a look at Dragon Fin Soup in its full glory:


Dragon Fin Soup is a delightful blend of fantasy, strategy, and action, offering ample replayability and an engaging storyline. Its lush visual style and captivating audio effectively transport players to a mythical world that still feels grounded and tangible. For those looking for an immersive, challenging game that constantly keeps you on your toes, Dragon Fin Soup is available now on Steam.

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