The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Dragon Knight in ESO: Unleash Your Inner Fire-breathing Warrior!

Welcome to the world of Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) where magic is as real as the sword, and where mythical creatures, especially the majestic dragons, are a part of your reality. Whether you’re new to the game or have been exploring Tamriel for ages, it’s time to embark on a courageous journey into the exalted life of a Dragon Knight. This ultimate guide will take you through the fascinating lore, unique playstyle, and elaborate strategies to deliver the true essence of being a Dragon Knight in ESO.

A Brief History of ESO Dragon Knights

Before we delve into what a Dragon Knight does, let’s visit the rich history of these unconventional warriors. Rooted in Akaviri martial arts, they boast an ancient connection with the enigmatic dragons, further enhancing their power and nobility. With a unique blend of pyromancy and traditional combat skills, Dragon Knights reshape any battlefield into their fiery playground.

Class Overview: The Dragon Knight

As an aspiring Dragon Knight, your character will be packing quite a punch on the battlefield with the utilizations of flame, rock, and draconic power. They are notorious for their durability and hard-hitting attacks, making them a formidable presence in the heat of battle. Learn more about their special skills in this comprehensive character guide.

1. Flame On!

Dragon Knights can wield the element of fire to their advantage. From hurling flaming projectiles to engulfing themselves in flame for protection, fire is the primary tool in their arsenal. This affiliation to the flame stems from their connection with dragons, the epitome of fire-breathing creatures.

2. Earth is Your Shield

While fire offers offensive prowess, earth increases the Dragon Knight’s survivability. With their ability to encase themselves in hardened rock and summon earthen shields, Dragon Knights can withstand heavy enemy assaults.

3. The Dragonic Power

Invoking their draconic heritage, Dragon Knights can perform dragon-like feats such as roaring to stun enemies, sprouting wings for defense, and even call dragons to aid them in battle.

Building the Perfect Dragon Knight

Building your Dragon Knight character requires careful consideration of your preferable playstyle, as well as your chosen race. You must decide whether you want to be an impenetrable tank, a damage dealer, or a healer. Each role requires a unique skill set and character build. Check out this in-depth guide to help you decide the best build for your Dragon Knight.

Watch and Learn

Still having doubts? Viewing gameplay can also help you understand the mechanics and tactics better. Have a look at this YouTube tutorial from a seasoned ESO player to grasp the details of being a Dragon Knight.


Becoming an ESO Dragon Knight is a valiant journey, fraught with danger and rich rewards. With their robust arsenal and diverse abilities, they serve as both the sword and shield of their allies, making them an essential component of any team. As long as you adhere to this guide and continue to explore and learn, you’ll soon be commanding dragons and setting the battlefield aflame in no time!

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