A Review of Dragon Quest Builders on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has rapidly become a catalyst for a rich variety of games, boasting everything from platform brawlers to complex RPGs. But, today we are delving into the fantastical, the enchanting, and the dragon-filled realm of Dragon Quest Builders.

Dragon Quest Builders Screenshot

An Overview

Dragon Quest Builders, developed by Square Enix, brings together the joy of Minecraft-style block-building with the much-loved lore, characters, and beasts from the Dragon Quest series. This clever hybrid of gameplay styles draws you into its immersive and highly engaging world.

Dragon Quest Builders Gameplay

Storyline and Gameplay


The game’s rich narrative revolves around the player, known as ‘the Builder’, tasked to reconstruct the world after it is plunged into darkness by the evil Dragonlord. Throughout your quest, you will invoke the aid of charming NPCs and confront fearsome-a-yet-endearing monsters, adding layers of narrative depth to the gameplay.

Gameplay Mechanics

The key elements of Dragon Quest Builders involve gathering resources, constructing buildings, crafting items, and battling against foes in a world that dynamically reacts to your decisions. Yet, it’s the unique combination of Minecraft-inspired crafting and open-world RPG elements that make this game stand out.

Dragon Quest Builders Action

The visuals are noteworthy as well, leveraging the Nintendo Switch’s capabilities to offer brightly colored, crisp, and detailed graphics. The game also features a day-night cycle, adding to its sense of a living, breathing world.

Let’s Talk Dragons

It would be a disservice to neglect mentioning the highlight of this title – dragons! As a Dragon Quest spin-off, the game incorporates iconic monsters from the series, including the well-liked green, fire-breathing dragon.

Check out this gameplay video where you can see some dragons in action:


Dragon Quest Builders proves that combining different game genres can lead to something refreshingly innovative. From the engaging storytelling, intuitive building mechanics, to the thrilling combat, it has managed to carve out a unique place in the Switch’s library.

For anyone looking for a game that successfully brings together building, battling, and befriending dragons, Dragon Quest Builders must be added to your Nintendo Switch library.

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