Apr 6, 2019 | Gifts

Dragon statues are a must have item for any home. Whether you’re looking for cute, ferocious, epic or understated, there’s nothing more satisfying that looking at a dragon statue and thinking “that’s mine”.

We’ve scoured Amazon (so you don’t have to!) to find you the best dragon statues for all budgets. Why Amazon? Well, they’re the most trusted retailer in the world, and we wouldn’t want to send you anywhere that we wouldn’t shop ourselves.

If you do click on one of the statues and buy it from Amazon, Dragon University will be paid a small commission, but at no extra cost to you.


Budget Dragon Statues

Homyl 1 Piece Chinese Feng Shui Handmade Bronze Dragon Statue Lucky and Prosperity Statue – 12 x 2.3 x 7 cm

Price: $8.99

This lucky Chinese Dragon Statue does not only look spectacular but has actual magical powers. It is great for feng shui and is said to bring wealth and prosperity to whoever has it in their home.

YTC Bindy Dragon Hatchling – Collectible Statue

Price: $10.99

So adorable, right? This resin statue, measuring almost four inches, will break hearts with its absolute cuteness.

StealStreet Blue Dragon Holding Shield on a Rock

Price: $11.37

One of a range of collectibles (more later), this blue dragon, wings spread, holding a shield, will wow anyone who sees it.

Solar The Red Dragon

Price: $15.99

Definitely not on the ‘ferocious’ side of this list, Solar the dragon is ready for bed and cuddling his teddy. One for the bedroom perhaps?

Griffin With Babies Statue

Price: $27.49

OK, so we know that a griffin isn’t a dragon. But two wings, four legs and claws mean that they are close cousins. And hey, we couldn’t possibly leave this mother off the list, could we?

Mid-Range Dragon Statues

Light Blue Dragon Mom with White Baby Statue

Price: $38.58

The protective light blue dragon watches over her beautiful white baby in this gorgeous seven inch statue. This is possibly the most popular dragon statue on our list, so we’d be surprised if some of our readers don’t already own her.

Gothic Dragon Skeleton Statue

Price: $41.90

Currently available at 5% discount on List Price, this unique seven inch skeleton dragon statue is just cool!

Bronzite Dragon Standing on Rock Statue

Price: $42.98

Nine inches of composite resin, this is a sturdy statue. Each piece is individually polished before shipping, and the colour and tone is simply stunning.

Design Toscano Fanged Shadow Gothic Dragon Statue

Price: $43.90

One of several Design Toscano dragon statues, and we have to say that we’re very impressed with the Fanged Shadow. Eight inches tall and weighing in a pound, this is a quality piece of work.

13 Inch Forest Branch Design Pentagram Dragon Décor Statue

Price: $45.00

You would struggle to find two more striking examples of imagery than a dragon and a pentagon. So to see them entangled in this statue is certainly something to behold.

Large Red Baby Dragon Hatchling in Egg 9.5 “Statue

Price: $49.99

So this is the second dragon hatchling we’ve featured in this list, but we think two isn’t enough! The makers of this statue have named him Smaug and the arguably the most famous dragon of all, and we think it’s a fitting name.

Mystical Dragon Ornaments

Price: $50.99

One for Christmas, these ornaments are a must have for your tree. We’re writing this in April, and we’ve already purchased a set for this year’s tree!

PTC 10 Inch Steampunk Inspired Mechanical Dragon Statue

Price: $54.99

Whether you’re creating a dragon’s lair, or already have an established collection, this is a statue that you just have to own. Mechanical, frightening, but with delicate wings, this is a dragon of contradictions.

Rare White Dragon Upon Rock Statue

Price: $58.50

Hand painted, this rare white dragon statue stands at 7.5 inches. Beautiful, yet understated, this one has a touch of class about it.

Design Toscano Nightshade The Mystic Dragon Statue

Price: $62.90

Another absolute stunner from Design Toscano. This one is inspired. If you ask us, this would look spectacular as a desk ornament, but, wow, it would look great anywhere!

Fearsome Giant Dragon Awakening from Hibernation

Price: $63.93

This is a truly unique piece of art and one that we feel lucky to be able to own something so beautiful. Seriously, you could spend hours looking at this, and notice something different each minute.

Pi Xiu Colour Colored Glaze Sculpture

Price: $64.00

Possibly the most striking statue on the list, this Chinese dragon is said to bring fortune and wealth to you. Also known as the Tianlu and Bixie, this statue combines a dragon’s head, with a qilin’s feet, and takes the overall shape of a lion.

Large Chinese Zodiac Dragon Golden Resin Statue

Price: $69.00

As you know, if you’re born in the Chinese Year of the Dragon, you’re born with strength and wisdom. Nothing is impossible. And this dragon statue is definitely for you. It comes in a gift box, so it would be perfect for someone special to you.

Large Slumbering Medieval Dragon Statue

Price: $73.99

Slumbering after a long winter, this dragon awakens atop a bed of gold and jewelry. Measuring in at almost 20″ in length, this is simply a stunning piece of work.

Luxury Dragon Statues

Quan Yin Standing on Dragon

Price: $162.00

Quan Yin is the Asian Goddess of Compassion and Mercy. This beautiful 20″ white marble statue depicts her standing on a dragon who looks lovingly up at her.

Wooden Dragon Handmade Sculpture Statue

Price: $199.99

A very detailed wooden statue, standing at 16″ tall. This hand finished dragon is perfect for any room in the house, but is equally at home outside.

Large Red Welsh Dragon Statue

Price: $844.75

Weighing in at 35lbs, this statue stands at over three feet tall. Hand painted, and hand cast with real crushed stone, you can see the love and quality that has gone into this piece.

Seven Foot Dragon Statue

Price: $1,371.99

Wow! Just wow! Not only do we feel jealous of anybody who can afford to buy this, we’re already planning on where we will put it when we win the lotto!

 So, what did you think? Have you been and bought one of these beautiful statues? Or did you already own some? Head on over to Facebook to let us know!