Welcome to Dragon University!

Thanks for coming to see us here at Dragon University. It’s great to have you here, and we hope that you enjoy looking around our site and reading all of our awesome and epic content!

So what are we doing here? Why does this site exist in this little corner of the internet?

Good questions!

Well it’s simple really. There is nowhere on the whole web that provides regular, spectacular content all about dragons! Seriously, there’s good stuff here and there, but we got frustrated that nobody had put together a single site where you can find everything you’d ever need to know about dragons.

So we decided to do it ourselves!

Starting in March 2019, we looked to address some of our queries first. So some of our first articles covered dragon anime, dragons in The Bible and even The Tale of Custard the Dragon!

But we also wanted to help teach people about dragons too! So we started to produce more educational content, such as St George and the Dragon, a guide to dragon anatomy, an encycolpedia of dragon quotes and a guide to dragons in the Chinese Zodiac.

We’ve got fun stuff too! Like a humongous list of dragon names for you to pick from, and a rundown of dragons in Harry Potter.

We want to act as guides too, so please do check out our reviews to find out whether the likes of Flight of Dragons or Dragons Rioting is any good.

Lastly, we believe that once you’ve finished reading our site, there’s nothing better than a good book, so we’ll be making the dragon books section of our site absolutely fantastic!

It’s all a work in progress, and we’ll never be done.

So welcome to Dragon University, the world’s greatest dragon resource. Come and say hi to us on Facebook!

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