The Epic Journey of Dragon Age Inquisition: Unleash Your Inner Hero in this Thrilling Game

Unleash your inner hero in the thrilling, expansive world of Dragon Age Inquisition – a game teeming with colossal dragons, cunning enemies, and almost limitless powers to discover. Get ready to explore, conquer, and become the savior Thedas desperately needs. Strap aboard as we take you on an epic journey!

Dragon Age Inquisition

Embark on an Epic Quest

Cast amidst a cataclysmic event, Dragon Age Inquisition requires you to take on the role of an Inquisitor, a hero ordained with the monumental task of saving the world. As the leader guiding your inquisition force, you carry the immense responsibility of uncovering the truth behind the immediate chaos, sealing mystical rifts and ultimately, reestablishing order.

The Vast Exploration of Thedas

Each location in Thedas is a paradise for explorers teeming with stunning landscapes, ancient dungeons, and towering castles. As you traverse through the continent filled with distinct cultures and intriguing history, prepare to bask in the magnificence of the Thedas, a world that provides an array of rewarding quests, strategic warfare, and complex characters.

Dragon Age Inquisition

Command Your Forces

Behind every great leader is a loyal, faithful army. Luckily, Dragon Age Inquisition offers various types of companions and advisors, each with their unique abilities and benefits. Mastering the dynamic mechanics is integral, allowing you to strategically hone and deploy a team that uses collective strengths and negates weaknesses.

Master the Art of Customization

Dragon Age Inquisition is comprehensive yet accessible, flawlessly balancing RPG mechanics with intricate character customization. Discover countless equipment, skills, and abilities that aid in creating unique builds, loved by both hardcore RPG enthusiasts and those new to the genre.

Dragon Age Inquisition

The Battlefield of Dragons

The ultimate test of courage, skill, and strategy – battling a dragon! These awe-inspiring, menacing creatures make for exhilarating and challenging bosses. Overcoming the dragons is not a swift mission, but a calculated, thrilling endeavor that remains a highlight of Dragon Age Inquisition.

Total War

Be it a skirmish with the darkspawn, a calculated strike against rogue templars or an epic battle against a dragon, every blow matters and may determine Thedas’s fate. Hence, adapt, strategize, and unleash your power with the combat mechanics, which are both intuitive and deep.

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In a Dragon Age…

In the face of an event that threatens to shatter the world, Dragon Age Inquisition arms you with the tools and opportunities to bring forth a new age – an age of dragons. Will you rise as a hero or crumble under the weight of your destiny? The choice is yours. Unleash your inner hero today!

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