A Comprehensive Review of Dragon Quest 7 on 3DS

When we think of dragons, enchanting adventures, and timelessly engrossing gameplay, there’s no ruling out Dragon Quest 7. Released originally on the PlayStation by Square Enix and later reimagined for the 3DS, this game has remained an adored classic within the Nintendo game library.

Unveiling The Island Adventure

What sets Dragon Quest 7 apart from its contemporaries is the intricate story that guides its gameplay. You navigate through an adventure over time, helping civilizations, battling monsters, and oh yes, the dragons!

Battle System and Job Classes

The battle system is a highlight. Approachable for beginners and deep enough for RPG veterans, it boasts a delightful blend of strategy and luck. The Job System, introduced later in the game, offers a great amount of customization, allowing players to train their characters in numerous professions, each one with its own unique perks and strategies as detailed excellently on IGN’s Dragon Quest VII job guide.

The Timeless Charm of Dragon Quest 7

World Building

With its vast islands, mesmeric story arcs, and memorable characters, the world building in Dragon Quest 7 is absolutely stellar. The islands are endearing, with each one boasting unique cultures, eras, and crises that require resolution.

Musical Score

The music of Dragon Quest 7 is another feather in its cap. Renditions of classic tunes by Koichi Sugiyama come to life beautifully on the 3DS, adding an extra dollop of allure to the game.


If you’re a fan of slower-paced RPGs or the Dragon Quest series, Dragon Quest 7 on the 3DS is not to be missed. With its engaging and imaginative world, dynamic battle system, and classic RPG feel, it’s a spectacular reimagining that carries the spirit of the original game.

Understanding its enduring popularity is as simple as grabbing a console, picking up a copy, and plunging into the world full of mystery, danger, and, of course, dragons!

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